Welcome to Tenwek


My name is David Holmes. I am a sophomore at Wheaton College, IL and an aspiring doctor.  One year ago, my family and I traveled to the small town of Bomet, Kenya to serve at Tenwek Mission Hospital. It was an incredible experience where I witnessed an enormous array of medical cases. Some of the direst cases included ruptured globes, multiple open compound fractures, severe skin burns, and terrible stab wounds. Although I witnessed great suffering, I was also exposed to some of God’s great majesty. The work of the missionary doctors was awe-inspiring. They saved lives, both literally and spiritually, and continually dedicated their work to the Lord.

My family and I have returned. We have brought medical supplies, including an ultrasound machine and orthopedic nails for severe fractures. My father will be working with the ophthalmologist (eye doctor) and I will serve as an assistant to him in both the clinic and the operating room. My current primary interest is in orthopedics, so I will also be spending a significant amount of time working with the orthopedic surgeons. We will be serving for 14 days. I will be posting periodically throughout this time describing my experience. Feel free to read and comment!

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