Schaeffer Academy: Day 1 (Monday)

English: A cup of masala chai Polski: Filiżank...
English: A cup of masala chai (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

by David Holmes 

(Elementary questions will be taken from the bold sections, secondary questions from the whole passage.) 

For three summers now, my family has visited Tenwek Hospital in Bomet, Kenya. I had the opportunity to work both in the hospital itself with several of the missionary doctors and to visit some of the surrounding communities. Participating in community based medical missions was a new and powerful experience for me. It highlighted that even basic medical care is unreachable to a large portion of the Kenyan population, which can have devastating long-term physical and economic consequences. Mission hospitals such as Tenwek can serve as a fortress, providing care for an astonishing variety of medical maladies, as well as a base from which basic medical care can be spread.

This lack of basic medical care is the reason SAHARA now exists. The title stands for Supporting African Hospitals and Raising Awareness. SAHARA is committed to helping spread basic medical care in Africa through training national doctors and educating communities. (Read more on our website:

Some of my best memories of my time in Kenya involve chai and mandazi. Chai is a type of tea and comes from the Swahili (the language in Kenya) word for tea. Mandazi are Kenyan doughnuts (see picture below). Together, chai and mandazi are a pervasive part of Kenyan culture. When we were invited into Kenyan homes, we were often served chai and mandazi. When I worked with the missionary doctors, our breaks always included chai and mandazi. It is a very common tradition and an integral part of daily life. We hope to bring the tradition to you this week. The winning teams will receive chai and mandazi on Friday.



English: Mandazi from Nairobi, Kenya July 20, ...
English: Mandazi from Nairobi, Kenya July 20, 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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