Introducing Kibuye Hope Hospital

Our next partnership is with Kibuye Hope Hospital in Burundi, training five community eye technicians. Kibuye just celebrated its first day of eye clinic yesterday, seeing forty-three patients. (Feel free to read more about the physicians and their families who are currently staffing and renovating the hospital.) Because preventable blindness is so prevalent in developing African countries, SAHARA is sponsoring five eye workers through Kibuye. Their training will consist of two components, the first taking place in Bujumbura, Burundi with a senior ophthalmologist and the second featuring visiting physicians from Tenwek Hospital, Kenya at Kibuye.

Through a fundraising and educational event at Schaeffer Academy before Christmas Break, we raised roughly sixty percent of what was needed. Below are some pictures of the first day at Kibuye along with the biographies of the eye technicians we will be training. (Read more details about the project itself and the Schaeffer event in our January newsletter)

Dr. Toney Mugisha: He is a graduate from Hope Africa University’s (HAU) medical school this December. He’s currently working towards becoming an ophthalmologist and plans to serve at Kibuye Hope Hospital (KHH) long-term. He was born at KHH where his mother  was a nurse and his father was a teacher at the mission school. Toney will be taught how to diagnose and treat in the community.

Mr. Elysée Hachimana: He is a graduate of HAU’s school of nursing this December. His father has served at Kibuye as an operating room technician for many, many years. They are excited to welcome him back to his home. Elysée will be taught how to diagnose and treat in the community.

Ms. Josiane Niyonkuru: She is a recent nursing graduate of Gitega School of Nursing in the provincial capital. Like Elysée and Toney, Josiane will be taught how to diagnose and treat in the community.

Roger Ikizankubuntu: He will be one of Kibuye’s technicians trained on the job without any high level degree. He is well connected to the surrounding communities and will be integral in organizing and advertising for our community outreaches. He will assist with logistics and dispensing eyeglasses and medicines prescribed by Toney, Elysée, or Josiane.

Pastor Hilaire Ngendabanyikwa: He is a pastor at the Kibuye Free Methodist Church and will have a similar role as Roger, working to organize and advertise community outreaches through his extensive church networks. He will also help with logistics during the outreaches.

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